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  • Crèche

    The crèche strives to provide a conducive & stimulating environment to children between the ages of 2 months and five years. It enables mothers who work as domestic help & in other professions, to raise their incomes & standard of life.

    Pre-Primary School

    Pre-primary classes (nursery and kindergarten) are for children that cannot be admitted to other schools. The Hope Project gives priority to children who are first generation learners & have not developed the habit of going to school regularly and are often not safe at home.

    The school provides children with a friendly and safe environment where they feel at ease and are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them. Teaching methods include drawing, painting, storytelling, basic reading and writing, games, fun with paper and clay modeling. Outdoor trips are encouraged. The school also caters to other needs such as health care and nutrition.

    Children who can be admitted to regular schools are assisted by the social workers to apply for admission. All children who complete the kindergarten at the Foundation are helped to get admitted into regular school so that they can continue their formal education.

    Girls Non-Formal School (GNFS)

    The GNFS is for adolescent girls who, due to domestic responsibilities or social conventions have dropped out of mainstream school or never been to school.

    The girls attend 7 years of preparatory classes before being admitted into the 10th and 12th grades where they write the National Open School examination. This certificate opens up several avenues for the future: some girls pursue higher studies whereas others take up a job to supplement the family income. Poor students are supported in a variety of ways to ensure that they do not drop out of school. This could be in the form of financial assistance, uniforms, transport costs, examination fees and medical support. Every effort is made to help students finish their school education. Girls are also imparted life skills & taken for local as well as outstation trips for exposure.

    Support Classes

    The Support Program is for students who attend grades 1 to 12 in regular, mostly government schools, but need extra support to stay in school. A few of them are also enrolled in NIOS. These classes help fill the gap between teaching & learning & enable children to complete their schooling. These classes are held in the afternoons and evenings after students have returned from regular schools. Students are coached in maths, science, hindi and english. The education team also tries to mediate between the government school and the student's family. For example, the social worker follows up students who are not attending school regularly. Meetings between the principal of government school and the parents are organized to ensure communication and understanding of problems faced by the student and every effort is made to find a solution so that the student does not drop out.