• Inspired by the spirit of service to humanity


  • HIKF provides resources, aid and opportunities to the poor and vulnerable to realize their hidden potential and determine their own future. To this end, they focus on the following areas:


    Addressing the need for education amongst the vulnerable and impoverished members of the community in and around the Basti, providing opportunities for those who are unable to access education due to their circumstances by :

    • Providing learning opportunities to people who fall through the cracks of the formal education system and mainstream them into the formal system.
    • Strengthening existing facilities (government, NGOs and private) through training, dissemination and advocacy.

    Addressing community health needs and improving the health of the poor living in and around the Basti through:

    • Implementing preventative health measures, such as spreading good health practices, awareness generation and early detection of diseases.
    • Providing information and access to existing health facilities (government, NGOs and private)
    • Complementing and improving existing systems through dissemination and advocacy
    • Providing basic health services to the poor and vulnerable
    Livelihoods and Income Generation

    Providing training and assistance for poor and underprivileged sections of the community through skill development and management of finances. And also ,adopt the following measures:

    • Train and assist women and unemployed men to market their skills so that they can increase their incomes, save regularly and improve the quality of their lives.
    • Provide youth with training opportunities so that they can be gainfully employed.