• Inspired by the spirit of service to humanity


  • Board of Directors

    • Mr. Richard Caudra: Train Facilitators for Attitudinal healing. Based in the USA
    • Mr. Heiko Schrader: Professor of sociology at the University of Magdeburg in Germany
    • Mr. K.P.Fabian: IFS (retired) and currently Chair Person of IGSSS in Delhi, India.
    • Ms. Carmen Hussain: Educationist from Germany based in Delhi, India.
    • Dr. Saroj Tucker: A Medical Practitioner, currently working in Hyderabad, India.
    • Ms. Rita Paul Mathew: A Social Worker, engaged in Welfare activities in Delhi, India.

    • Mr. Michael Macy: A Lawyer, working with the US Embassy in Delhi
    • Mr. Richard Glantz: A Lawyer and Mediator. Based in the USA.
    • Mr Martin Zahir Roehrs: Secretary General of Sufi Order International. Based in France.
    • Mr. David Shahbuddin Less: A Spiritual teacher. Based in the USA.
    • Ms. Anna Less: Practitioner and teacher of traditional Chinese medicine. Based in the USA.
    • Quan Yin: A Pediatrician and Psychiatrist. Based in the USA.
    • Ms. Deepa Patel: A Development professional. Based in the UK.